Open Conference Systems, II Congresso Nacional de Administração e Ciências Contábeis - AdCont 2011

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Gay Men In Brazil: Do Luxury Brands Extend Their Selves?
Joyce Gonçalves Altaf, Irene Troccoli, Glaucia Falco, Claudio Lins

Prédio: Faculdade de Economia e Finanças IBMEC
Sala: Sala 1
Data: 2011-10-13 11:00  – 12:30
Última alteração: 2011-09-25


The consumption domain is where an individual and objects are put in contact, pursuing sense, producing social meanings and distinctions. Concerning symbolisms and consumption meanings, products have been an excellent source of information about their consumers. At the same time, consumers’ choices are made through a great variety of reasons, not easy to be predicted or understood. But frequently, consumers rely on the social meaning of products to mold their own image and talk about themselves through the customized goods that are consumed.. The present study aims at understanding the relation between the extended self construct and the consumption of luxury branded clothing among male homosexuals. In other words, it aims at figuring out how specific products, herein the luxury clothing market, may be considered in the extended self composition of such consumers. In this way, an exploratory qualitative survey was carried out. A bibliographic review over the related topics pointed out significant particularities within the market for luxurious products as well as showed a review over marketing principles linked to brands, focusing in its image and identity aspects. Finally, it brought back the theory of the extended self and its application to the consumer behavior. Following that, 12 in-depth-interviews took place with representative individuals within this subculture, aiming at picking up and analyzing their perception towards the focused matter. Qualitative information has been added, with deep analysis of the interviewees’ perceptions, through the application of form with the Likert scale. Such approach aimed at evaluating the incorporation of clothing items to their extended self. Items which they have pointed out as relevant in their consumption of brands considered luxurious. At the end a conclusion is presented, showing that luxury brands clothing may have both a central or peripheral role in the composition of male homosexuals extended self.

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